Mother Nation is a non-profit 501 (C) 3 grassroots Native American organization which offers culturally informed healing services, advocacy, mentorship and homeless prevention in the State of Washington.

Mother Nation celebrates and inspires the success of Native American families to honor the beauty and strength of Native American culture, spirituality and values built on the ancestral strength of each participant.

Mother Nation’s culturally informed healing services are custom designed and provided by credentialed Native American Elders who apply culture to clinical practice.

By bringing back Native values of family, supporting one another during times of transition from chronic homelessness, gender based violence, we provide the guidance and assistance necessary to ensure Mother Nation participants have access to the spiritual support needed to remain stably housed over time.

By acknowledging the past and re-learning who we are as a Native people,  Indigenous Sisters who participate in our programs transform their path to a journey of natural leadership and wisdom built on their ancestral strength gifted to them by Creator.