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Mother Nation is a unique 501 (C) (3) Non-profit charitable organization which offers cultural informed healing services, advocacy and mentorship devoted to support the success of Native American Women in pursuit of healing from historical and intergenerational trauma.  We deliver custom-designed culturally informed services to fill in the gaps of this underserviced population of Native Women collaborating and partnering with local Tribes and off-reserve Native and non-Native agencies.  Services are also designed to support specific Tribal social services programs in areas of Problem Gambling, Treatment, Domestic Violence and transitional shelters.

The goal of services is to inspire participants to identify who they are, overcome obstacles to a life free from violence and trauma.  By acknowledging the past and re-learning who we are as a Native people today, participants transform their path to a journey of natural leadership and wisdom built on the ancestral strength of our Native people.  Changing the dynamics of historical and intergenerational trauma portrays the beauty, strength and sacredness of Native Women.  Our cultural services includes over 20 cultural healing workshops with teachings, Gathering of Women sweats, Native Chemical Dependency Groups,  including building sweats and young warrior sweats.  In addition we offer training to front-line staff, advocates and Tribal Leadership in areas of grief and loss, historical trauma, sexual abuse and the impacts of violence against women on survivors, family and community.

We advocate to support Native women during emergencies providing transports to safety in domestic violence, housing and shelter referrals or homeless verification, Indian Child Welfare, employment guidance, scholarship support for education, and access to legal support when possible.  The Advisory Council of Native female professionals guide advocates in Indian Child Welfare, Domestic Violence Advocacy and Recovery from addictions, with Sexual Assault National trainers.  Staff, Volunteers, and Board members include Elders with over 35 years in Sobriety in various roles of Treatment to Founders of Regional Rehabilitation Centers, strong faith communities, Leadership and Master designers in cultural services.

Mother Nation supports Tribes and State Coalitions by offering culturally informed training to support programs of Chemical Dependency, Problem Gambling, Treatment, Domestic Violence shelters and transitional shelters.  Services are offered based on a fee for service.  

We provide all services in confidence and strive to enrich and nurture Native women’s overall health and wellness to encourage Native women to become advocates on their own behalf.  Since our inception, we serviced up to a thousand woman, community members including young men and women representing over 55 Tribes with women joining our Mentorship Program.  Services are delivered to on and off-reserve programs in the State of Washington and support to women out-of-State.